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Railroad  CountCount
AA Ann Arbor4
ABOX TTX Company24
ADN Ashley Drew & Northern2
AERC Albany and Eastern Railroad Company2
AG Galveston Railroad L.P.1
AGR Alabama and Gulf Coast38
AKMD Arkansas Midland Railroad Company1
ALAB Alabama Railroad17
ALM Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railr3
AMTK Amtrak1
AN Apalachicola Northern1
AOK Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad17
ATSF Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe16
ATW Atlantic and Western22
AZER Arizona Eastern Railway Company10
BAEX Andersons7
BAR Bangor & Aroostook3
BCIT Canadian National Railways2
BCOL Canadian National Railways19
BKTY Union Pacific Railroad Company67
BM Boston & Maine17
BMS Berlin Mills1
BN Burlington Northern13
BNSF BNSF Railway17
BO Baltimore & Ohio4
BPRR Buffalo and Pittsburgh1
CAGY Columbus & Greenville Railway3
CBQ Chicago Burlington & Quincy3
CCR Corinth & Counce1
CEFX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc4
CG Central Of Georgia1
CHTT Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer13
CHW Chesapeake Western2
CIBX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc6
CIC Cedar Rapids & Iowa City7
CIRR Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad16
CLC Columbia and Cowlitz Railway Company1
CLP Clarendon and Pittsford1
CMHX CarMath Incorporated1
CN Canadian National Railways31
CNA Canadian National Railways42
CNIS Canadian National Railways3
CNW Chicago & Northwestern33
CO Chesapeake & Ohio8
COER Crab Orchard & Egyptian15
CP Canadian Pacific Railway30
CPAA Canadian Pacific Railway2
CR Conrail93
CRLE Coe Rail Incorporated3
CRR Clinchfield2
CSBX Cargill Incorporated Salt Division1
CSX CSX Railroad70
CUOH Columbus and Ohio River Railroad Company1
CV Central Vermont6
CVC Canadian National Railways4
CWP Chicago West Pullman & Southern1
DH Delaware & Hudson13
DJJX Joseph Transportation Incorporated3
DJTX Joseph Transportation Incorporated1
DLW Delaware Lackawanna & Western1
DME Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern7
DMM Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad Comp3
DRGW Denver & Rio Grande Western8
DTI Detroit Toledo & Ironton12
DTS Detroit & Toledo ShoreLine3
DWC Canadian National Railways14
EEC East Erie Commercial Railroad51
EL Erie Lackawanna15
ELS Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad Comp2
EPRY East Penn Railway1
ERIE Erie Railroad2
FBOX TTX Company19
FCCM Compania de Ferrocarriles Chiapas Mayab 1
FCRD First Coast Railway1
FEC Florida East Coast1
FGLK Finger Lakes Railway1
FRDN H and S Railroad Company Incorporated1
FRR Falls Road Railroad Company Incorporated1
FWD Fort Worth & Denver1
FXE Ferromex3
GACX General American Marks Company3
GMO Gulf Mobile & Ohio1
GMRC Green Mountain RR59
GN Great Northern1
GNRR Georgia Northeastern7
GNWR Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company10
GTRA Golden Triangle Railroad1
GTW Grand Trunk Western37
HESR Huron and Eastern1
HPJX Helm-Pacific Leasing3
HS H and S Railroad Company21
IANR Iowa Northern Ry6
IATR Iowa Traction Railroad Company9
IBT International Bridge and Terminal Company12
IC Illinois Central14
ICG Illinois Central Gulf3
KCS Kansas City Southern46
KCSM Kansas City Southern De Mexico2
LBR Lowville and Beaver River Railroad Compa7
LRS Laurinburg and Southern16
LRWN Little Rock & Western4
LV Lehigh Valley1
LVRC Lamoille Valley7
LW Louisville and Wadley Railway Company15
MB Meridian & Bigbee1
MDW Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway Com4
MEC Maine Central26
MET Modesto and Empire Traction Company4
MILW Milwaukee Road15
MMA Montreal, Maine & Atlantic3
MMID Maryland Midland1
MNS Minneapolis Northfield & Southern3
MP Missouri Pacific28
MQT Marquette Rail6
MRCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation1
MRL Montana Rail Link2
MSDR Knoxville & Holston River Railroad3
MWCX Midwest Railcar Corporation4
NHCR New Hampshire Central Railroad1
NKCR Nebraska, Kansas & Colorado RailNet, Inc16
NKP Nickel Plate2
NOKL Northwestern Oklahoma15
NS Norfolk Southern67
NSHR North Shore1
NSRC North Stratford RR1
NW Norfolk & Western42
NYC New York Central27
ONT Ontario Northland Railway2
PC Penn Central2
PDRR Pee Dee River RR1
PE Peoria & Eastern2
PM Pere Marquette1
PRL Penn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated1
PRR Pennsylvania Railroad11
PSMX Esco Corporation4
QC Quebec Central10
QGRY Quebec Gatineau Railway Incorporated5
RBOX Railbox Company34
RDG Reading Railroad1
REX Railway Express Agency, Inc.1
RJCM R.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Memphis Li1
ROCK Rock Island2
RRLX Rail Logistics, LC2
SBD Seaboard System7
SBVR South Branch Valley Rail Road1
SCL Seaboard Coast Line1
SGLR Seminole Gulf2
SLGG Progress Rail Services Corporation1
SLR St Lawrence & Atlantic1
SLSF Saint Louis-San Francisco2
SM St. Marys Railroad1
SMW St Marys Railway West LLC4
SNC Saratoga & North Creek Railway2
SNCT Seattle & North Coast R.R. Co.1
SOO Soo Line9
SOU Southern31
SP Southern Pacific42
SRN Sabine River & Northern13
SRY Southern Railway of British Columbia Lim4
SSW St Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt)37
TBOX TTX Company21
TCWR Twin Cities and Western4
TFM Kansas City Southern De Mexico4
TOBX TTX Company - Box Cars10
TOE Texas Oklahoma and Eastern RR Company6
TOFX TTX Company - Box Cars15
TR Tomahawk Railway L.P.9
UP Union Pacific Railroad Company13
USLX General Electric Rail Services1
VR Valdosta Railway1
WAB Wabash1
WC Wisconsin Central2
WLO Waterloo Railway Company (Illinois Central)2
WP Western Pacific14
WRWK Providence & Worchester Railroad14
WRX Western Refrigerator Line Company Termin1
WSOR Wisconsin & Southern1
YKR York Rail1

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